New Year's Eve tree

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Christmas tree topper for New Year's Eve and party decoration set

Do you like the idea to create a new tradition for New Year's Eve? Why should you get rid of your Christmas tree immediately after Christmas? Isn't it a nice Idea to make your old Christmas tree become the Eye-Catcher on your New Year's Eve party? Transform your Christmas tree into a tree for New Year's Eve with a topper for your Christmas tree showing the date 2020. 

Our project is heading to change the look of a traditional Christmas tree by using a Christmas tree top that shows the annual date 2020 into a New Year's Eve look.
The idea was born during the preparations for the turn of the year 2018. We made a New Year's Eve party for our friends and added out Christmas tree to the party decoration. For that, we developed a party article. A Christmas tree topper made of plastic material coated in silver lacquer.

In addition to the tree topping, there is the possibility to give the Chrismas tree an even more intense look for New Year's Eve by changing or adding ornaments.
For that, we created a New Year's Eve party decoration set for Christmas trees.

The party decoration set contains:

- Christmas tree topper for New Year's Eve 
- 25 stained metallic fortune cookies (in German and English language) 
- 9 tiny schnapps bottles "Kleiner Feigling" ("little coward" - a German  
  word game: "Feige" means fig and "feige" means coward" fig liqueur)  
  20%vol. 0.02l 
- 9 tiny schnapps bottles "Dooleys Original toffee cream liqueur" 17%vol.
- hole punch 
- twine 
- guide "That's how it's done"

Many people say goodbye to their Christmas tree during the festive season. With the new tree topper, the Christmas tree symbolizes the festivity of the turn of the year and is used a longer period of time.

We are heading to bring a fresh wind into the New Year's Eve traditions and to augment them. In addition, we want people to come together in a convivial mood while redecorating the Christmas tree. Due to this a nice new tradition may arise where family and friends may participate.
Besides that, we want to give a second life to the Christmas tree after the Christmas season. And last but not least we want to offer a nice Christmas gift for parts people.
It's a great Eye-Catcher for every New Years Eve party!
Our potential target audience is all the people that like New Year's Eve parties and have cone-bearing evergreen trees :) or all the people that are searching for a witty Christmas present for party people or all the people that are open for changes and new things.

Business objectives

batch production of the Christmas tree topper for Ney Years Eve 2020 getting the sales to build up a company profile we want to supply the retail with our party item both local and online we want our Christmas tree topper for New Year's Eve to be known and sold all over the world.

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With your support, you will give the patent-registered idea of a Christmas tree topper for New Year's Eve parties a chance to go into batch production and appear on the market at all. Let's enrich the world with a new tradition for New Year's Eve.
With your support, you will be one of the first people having a Christmas tree topper for New Year's Eve or Christmas tree decoration set for New Year's Eve. First come first redecorate ;-). And last but not least you will give us the chance of creative self-development and independence. 

Who are the people behind the project? 

Tina Höfer (28)
I am a freelancing child day care professional and holder of "Foto-Gemälde-Art". With a lot of creativity, organization skills, zest for action and especially the right sense for gaps on the market I follow my goals straight and successfully.

Rayk Wieland (30)
I am a specialist for additive manufacturing technology and 3D designer. My advantage is my experience in building prototypes, getting innovative items patent-protected and placed on the market. I studied mechanical engineering and made a professional education in metalworking at the same time. Currently, I am working as a trainer in professional and further education.

The combination of both is really powerful because we expand the strength and counterbalance the weakness of each other.